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New Year’s Day in Vienna

Concert program


Guelph Symphony Orchestra

New Year’s Day in Vienna

January 1, 3pm River Run Centre

Strauss II, Beautiful Blue Danube

Elgar, Serenade Lyrique

Gounod, Jewel Song, from Faust*

Haydn, Symphony 101 “ The Clock”, II mvt

Vaughan Williams, English Folk Song Suite

Strauss II, Pizzicato Polka

Lehar, Vilja’s Aria, from Merry Widow*

Strauss I, Radetzky March

Conductor, Genevieve Leclair

                     Soprano, Jonelle Sills

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Genevieve Leclair, Conductor

Jonelle Sills,  Soprano

Our Orchestra

First Violins

Jose Molina, Concertmaster*

Paul Macnaughton

Valerie Sylvester

Kenneth Kwan

Bridget Walsh

Alex Gangurean

Jef ten Kortener


Second Violins

Elayne Ras *

Anna Hughes

Alison Feuerwerker 

Anne-Louise Flynn

Terry Song



* Principal Player



Catherine Molina  *

Sheila Smyth

Ron Dolynchuk 

Carmen Martinez Evans




Marlena Tureski*

Noah Schuster 

Cynthia Steele

Janusz Borowiec


Double Basses 

Macrae Vanduzer*

Ralph Blackman 

Art Lang


Rachel Roe-Wu*

Christoph Kessel


David Vanbiesbrouck*

Paul Goeglein



Larry Moser *

Tilly Kooyman



Simion Ciobanu *

Lulia Tiba



Nikki Chang





Andras Molnar *

Dorothy Vreeswyk-Kidd


Tony Snyder * 

Jerry Phillips

Danielle Grundy

Kelly Kaddatz



Bob Phillips *

Leila Mehkeri

Luke Roussy


Al Carter *


David Knight *


Richard Burrows

Ryan MacKinnon

Special Thanks to our Donors!


Peter Kastner & Carol Reid

GOLD BATON $1,000+

Dorothy Bakker & Danny Lui

Peter Hannam

Marilyn Kuhn & Zoltan Petrany

Theresa Lammer

Gerry & Suzanne Meinzer

Catherine & Jose Molina

Harold & Marilyn Quinn


SILVER BATON $500-$999


June Cauthers

Fred & Ruth Dahms

Marion Steele 

Kathleen & John Verdone


BRONZE BATON $250-$499

Barbara Alderson

Ian & Carol Blain

John Hofstee

Simon and Janice Irving

Marion Steele

Janet Takata

Judy Waldrum



Special Thanks to!

Dorothy Fisher

Cynthia Davis

Larry Walsh, photography

River Run Volunteers

David Knight, production

The Guelph Concert Band (for the loan of percussion instruments) 

All of our patrons and supporters!


FRIEND  $100-$249

Irene Berry

Frank & Janet Brewster

Aileen & John Campbell

Edwina & Neil Carson

David & Wilma Churchill

Malcolm & Marta Coutts

Nicole deFrancesco

Dorothy & Ken Fisher

Dianne Garrett

Judy Kingdon

Laurinda Lang

Rosanne Morris & Duncan MacKenzie

Anne Mattheson

Joe Ringhofer

Karen Slatkovsky

Kim Wakeford

Monika Wright


And to the

GSO Board of Directors

Lisa Kohlmeier, Chair
Danny Lui, Treasurer
Kim Wakeford, Corporate Secretary

Frank Brewster

Cynthia Davis
Shane Fernandes
Roger Garriock
Catherine Molina, ex-officio

Upcoming concerts

Brahms at the Basilica
Sunday April 2, 2023, 3pm- Basilica of Our Lady
Conductor, William Rowson

Season Finale Concert
Saturday April 29, 2023, 7:30pm- River Run Centre
GSO welcomes final Artistic Director Candidate, Michael Hall, to the podium.

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