Pyotr’s Dream, Andrew Balfour

Requiem in D Minor, K626, Wolfgang Mozart

I. Introitus
              Requiem aeternam
II. Kyrie
III. Sequentia
               Dies irae
               Tuba mirum
               Rex tremendae
IV. Offertorium
               Domine Jesu
V. Sanctus
VI. Benedictus
VII. Agnus Dei
VIII. Communio
               Lux aeterna

Adam Johnson, Conductor

Adam Johnson, Conductor

Award-winning conductor Adam Johnson has been
hailed as “an exciting talent” and for his
“charismatic and commanding presence” on the
podium. He completed his tenure as assistant
conductor of the Orchestre Symphonique de
Montréal (OSM) in 2018, and was named conductor-
in-residence for the 2018-2019 season. He has
conducted over 70 concerts with the OSM and is
frequently reengaged as a guest conductor.
Internationally, Adam Johnson has conducted at
the Opéra National de Paris as well as in Spain,
Germany and the United States. Prior to his tenure
in Montreal, Mr. Johnson worked for three seasons
with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and
continues to regularly guest conduct orchestras
across Canada. He has also just been appointed as
the Music Director of the Baton Rouge Symphony


Our Soloists

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Bethany Horst, Soprano

Jennifer Enns-Modolo, Mezzo-Soprano

Ryan Allen, Tenor

Christopher Dunham, Baritone

Irene Gregorio, Music Director, University of Guelph Symphonic Choir

 Dr. Irene Gregorio enjoys a diverse and active musical life as a pianist, music director and educator. As a pianist and chamber musician, she has collaborated in recital with members of the LA Phil and San Francisco Symphony. She has served as pianist for the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, the University of Southern California Chamber Singers, and most recently was appointed pianist of the esteemed Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. She has played for the National Youth Choir of Canada and the Ontario Youth Choir, and appeared on PBS, CBC Radio 2, and on film soundtracks in the LA area.
A graduate of the University of Southern California, University of Michigan and University of Western Ontario, Irene earned the Gold Medal in Piano Performance, and has recently earned diplomas in organ and choral conducting from the Royal Canadian College of Organists. She is the Director of Music Ministry at Dublin St. United Church, and Sessional Instructor of Piano at the University of Guelph. An avid foodie, a beginner triathlete, she enjoys salsa dancing, and loves to spend time with her family, husband Nicholas and two wonderful children, Kali and Lila.


The University of Guelph Symphonic Choir

The University of Guelph Symphonic Choir has a long and illustrious history as a representative of choral music in the Guelph community.

An auditioned ensemble consisting of students, staff, community members, and faculty from all disciplines, the choir has been supported by the College of Arts since 1969, when it emerged from a previous choral tradition in the Ontario Agricultural College that began just after World War Two.

Full Bio

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University of Guelph Symphonic Choir

Music Director, Irene Gregorio

Pianist, Betty Maher

Charlotte Bryant
Alexia Castiglione
Suebin Choi
Brynne Degenhardt
Imo Garrod
Effie Honeywell
Nicole Kerfont
Christine Kerr
Barbara Kyle
Sarah Lovsin
Aoibhinn Macken-Luyt
Alexandra Mahony
Maxine Manning
Linda McConnell
Jennika McIntosh
Jessica Mello
Lindsay Moffatt
Linda Newbery
Charlotte Poore
Sarah Smith (Choir Manager)
Kiana Sparks-Montemayor
Amitida Sohrabi
Meera Sontam
Ryleigh Wentworth
Meghan Williams

*denotes section lead

Sally Allen
Clara Blenkinsop
Katie Bryant
Tara Chester
Dominique China
Tracey Clarke-Rankine
Angela Creasey
Joan Faehrmann
Alexandra Fowler
Sue Gadbois
Krystyna Higgins
*Kelly Janzen
Keera McNalty
Anne Munroe
Francie Niekamp
Elisabeth Nicol
Jenny Oesch
Ella Pauls
Chantale Pinard
Sarah Ribey
Emma Robinson
Hayley Romanyk (Choir
Jenn Rosen
Asha Sadanand
Danna Sanchez
Autumn Scott
Ruth Sproule
Jaime Tuling
Rachael Young

Jayson Acacio
Ross Clark
Russell Dunk
Simon Enns
Robert Geddes
*Lanny Fleming
Jeffrey Gross
Peter Roberts
Adam Sadowski
Jethaniel Shaw

Joe Balfour
David Beattie
Hamidreza Dannak
*Ian Dickieson
Patrick Fothergill
Eric Harper
Warren Harris
Andrew Johnson
Reinhard Kypke
Neil McLaren
Matthew Shelley
Matteo Tessaro
James Wilson
Joel Wilson
Andrew Vowles

The choir wishes to thank their generous donors:

Dr. Chantale Pinard
Dr. Marta McCarthy & Randy Smith
Dr. Elisabeth J. Nicol
Jennifer & Jamey Rosen & Family
Sandy Goldman and the Family of Nathan Max Goldman
John Lindley (deceased 2020)

SOFAM Discretionary Fund
Up to $1,000.
Tracey Clarke-Rankine
Susan Gadbois
Ardeth Jarvis
Reinhard & Michaela Kypke
Francie Niekamp
Linda Newbery
Ella Pauls
Cynthia Stimson
Andrew Vowles

The choir wishes to dedicate their singing of Mozart’s Requiem to Dr. Theresa Bernardo, who graced our soprano section for 9 years and whose generosity will nurture generations of singers in the university choir.


Our Orchestra

First Violins

Jose Molina, Concertmaster*

Margaret Zak

Carol Sammut

Paul Macnaughton

Yonhee Chang

Roza Ushkanova

Bridget Walsh


Second Violins

Elayne Ras *

Philipp Samutin

Janine Smith

Janet Takata

Veronica Kroess

Alison Feuerwerker


* Principal Player



Catherine Molina  *

Linda Umbrico

Ron Dolynchuk

Sheila Smyth



Jeremy Cook *

Janusz Borowiec

Keren Canche


Double Basses 

Mac VanDuzer*

Neal Evans

Art Lang

The Basset Horns used in today’s
performance are kindy on loan from
Graham Nasby.

 Basset Horns

Larry Moser *

Anita Brooks-Kirkland


Simion Ciobanu *

Iulia Tiba


Andras Molnar *

Dorothy Vreeswyk- Kidd


Bob Phillips *

Leila Mehkeri

Luke Roussy


Joe Carere


David Knight *


Special Thanks to our Donors!


Theresa Wall

GOLD BATON $1,000- $2499

Friends of the Guelph Symphony (FOGS)

Frank & Janet Brewster

Dorothy Bakker & Danny Lui

Peter Hannam

Adam Johnson

Marilyn Kuhn & Zoltan Petrany

Theresa Lammer

Gerry & Suzanne Meinzer

Catherine & Jose Molina

Harold & Marilyn Quinn

Stephen Salt


SILVER BATON $500-$999


June Cauthers

David & Janet Knight

Robert Tims


BRONZE BATON $250-$499

Barbara Alderson

Ian & Carol Blain

Jane Caspers

Simon and Janice Irving

Heather Moore

Marion Steele

Janet Takata

Sylvia & Glen Tarlin

Butch & Judy Waldrum

Special Thanks to!

Joe Carere

Dorothy & Ken Fisher


Dorothy Baker & Danny Lui

Shane Fernandes

Lisa Kohlmeier

Dr. Marta McCarthy

Graham Nasby (for the loan of the lovely pair of Basset Horns)

Reist Photography

Ann & Andras Molnar

Carol Sammut

David Knight, production

The Guelph Concert Band (for the loan of percussion instruments)

All of our patrons and supporters!  


FRIEND  $100-$249

Heather Beecroft

Irene Berry

Aileen & John Campbell

Edwina & Neil Carson

David & Wilma Churchill

Malcolm & Marta Coutts

Jeanne Forsythe

Paul, Rebecca & Sandra Forte

Nicole deFrancesco

Dorothy & Ken Fisher

Collin & Marjorie Jutzi

Judy Kingdon

Rosanne Morris & Duncan MacKenzie

Anne Mattheson

Joe Ringhofer

Robert Tims


And to the

GSO Board of Directors

Lisa Kohlmeier, Chair
Danny Lui, Treasurer

Shane Fernandes, Corporate Secretary
Frank Brewster
Cynthia Davis
Roger Garriock
Adam Johnson, ex-officio
Catherine Molina, ex-officio