Concert program

Sunday May 1, 3pm, Basilica of Our Lady



Beethoven: Egmont Overture

Jesse Montgomery: Strum

Beethoven: Romance in F 

Saint Saens: Organ Symphony no 3 , Finale 


Adam Johnson, Conductor

Jonathan Crow, Violin Soloists

Joe Carere, Organ Soloist

We are so grateful to Bank of Montreal for being the Concert Sponsor for today’s presentation and for their ongoing support!

We are also grateful to Peter Kastner and Carol Ried for being the Conductor Sponsor for Guest Conductor, Adam Johnson! And to the anonymous donor who sponsored Jonathan Crow!

Click on the photos below to read the biography’s of our guest artists

Our Orchestra

First Violins

Jose Molina, Concertmaster

Malgorzata Zak

Carol Sammut

Paul Macnaughton

Yonhee Chang

Jef ten Kortener

Roza Ushkanova

Bridget Walsh


Second Violins

Carmen Nemeth *

Elayne Ras

Carmen Evans 

Alison Feuerwerker 

Janet Takata

Anne-Louise Flynn



 * Principal Player






Catherine Molina  *

Sheila Smyth

Ron Dolynchuk

Charles Small

Virginia Wolleswinkel



Marlena Tureski *

Janusz Borowiec

William McLeish

Erin Walker


Double Basses 

Ralph Blackman *

Mac Vanduzer

Art Lang


Rebecca Moranis*

Christoph Kessel 

Margaret Robinson


Margaret Robinson

David Vanbiesbrouck*

Islay-May Renwick

 English Horn

Islay-May Renwick

Larry Moser *

Tilly Kooyman

Bass Clarinet

Tilly Kooyman


Andrew Duncan *

Graham Martin


Graham Martin

Andras Molnar *

Dorothy Vreeswyk- Kidd

Eric Dettweiler

Tony Snyder * 

Danielle Grundy

Dylon Pastoor

Hayley Burgess


Leila Mehkeri *

Mitchell Kehn

Nelson Garces


Al Carter *


David Knight *


Amy Di Nino

Dom Di Nino

Alex Lank

Special Thanks to our volunteers!

Dorothy Fisher, Front of House
Lynne McIntee, Greeter

our wonderful ushers!
David Knight, production


Thank You to the

GSO Board of Directors

Lisa Kohlmeier, Chair
Danny Lui, Treasurer
Kim Wakeford, Corporate Secretary

Frank Brewster
Cynthia Davis

Shane Fernandes
Roger Garriock
Catherine Molina, ex-officio

Thank You to

Joe Carere and Father Ian



and thank you to all of our patrons and supporters!

Click here to view a list of our wonderful individual donors!


Welcome back l! As we return to live, indoor events, our highest priority is the health and safety of our audiences, musicians, and staff. In order to create a safe environment, we will require all patrons to  wear a mask at all times for this concert. Please bring a mask to the concert. Masks are required, regardless of vaccination status, unless you are otherwise exempt from wearing a mask due to a disability, as defined by the Ontarians with Disabilities ActWear a mask with two or more layers. Wear the mask over your nose and mouth and under your chin. Masks will be available upon request.

Stay home if you have COVID-19 symptoms, have been in contact with someone known to be infected with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, or if you

are subject to quarantine.

Enhanced Health and Safety Measures: Frequent cleaning on common contact surfaces. Hand sanitization stations positioned throughout the venue

For contact tracing purposes, the ticket purchaser will be considered the primary contact for any guests. The purchaser is expected to have contact

information for each person for whom they have purchased tickets and will share pertinent information with their guests.